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Please Meet Your School Council Team

2020 - 2021 School Council Executive:

Co-Chairs: Daphne Dumbrille & Bryce Colenbrander
Chairs regularly meet with the school administration and communicate necessary information to the school community. They also prepare agendas and chair the monthly Council meetings.

Treasurer: Allison Kelley 
The treasurers ensure Council finances remain up to date by keeping a detailed record of all income and expenses along with accompanying receipts and invoices. Each month they provide a monthly report detailing expenditures.

Secretary: Claire Kerry
The secretary records the minutes for each Council meeting.

You can contact the School Council Executive Team at: parentspeak@gmail.com

2020 - 2021 Division Representatives:

These parents are the voices on your behalf in discussing school matters. They are able to listen to your concerns, hear your suggestions and find answers to your questions that are going beyond classroom matters.

Please contact them directly with any questions, concerns or suggestions - either by email and/or you can sometimes find them after school at pick-up.

Kinder Rep: Matthew Brown (mattaaronbrown@yahoo.ca)

Primary (grades 1 - 3): Norah Lynn Paddock (norahlynn.paddock@gmail.com) 

Junior Reps (grades 4 - 6):
Hoda & Dean Paripoush (paripoush.family@gmail.com)

Intermediate Reps (grades 7 - 8): unfilled

Ottawa Carleton Assembly of School Councils (OCASC) Representative:

The OCASC Rep attends OSASC monthly meetings at Fisher Park School on Holland Ave. and reports back to Hopewell School Council on what was discussed. It's a great way to find out what issues the other school councils are discussing and dealing with.


To learn about OCASC, please visit their website

School Council Committees:

Budget Committee:
The Budget Committee typically only meets once at the start of the year to discuss and set the budget. The school administration provides a "wish list" of various items to help enhance the learning environment and the budget committee reviews the available funds and determines what could and could not be funded. The budget is presented to council for approval. If there are financial issues over the year, the Budget committee may be asked to provide feedback. 
Members: Daphne, Bryce, Allison, Erik Van der Torre, Cecilia Fritz-Gegesy, Fran Morrison, Norah Lynn Paddock & Petra Heitkamp

Safe and Accepting School Team (formally Inclusive Safe & Caring):

The Safe and Accepting School Team is responsible for developing, monitoring and reflecting on the student well-being plan, with direction from the school principal. They aim to promote equitable and inclusive school and classroom environments.
This team is TBD. We are waiting for further direction from the school Board.

Diversity Subcommittee:
Part of the Safe & Accepting School Team, the Diversity Subcommittee is focused on creating and fostering cultural and other diversity at the school through the involvement of parents, students and teachers.

Yard Committee:
Hopewell's Yard Committee is focused on keeping the yard looking its best. Twice a year they organize a team that rakes, weeds and sweeps the yards, but they also help keep the plants and trees healthy and strong. The committee is always looking for extra hands; please contact either Katie and Heather if you'd like to be involved.  
Co-Chairs: Katie Breen: katiejbreen@yahoo.com & Heather Martin: heatherymartin@yahoo.com


Teacher Representative: Karen Skelly: karen.skelly@ocdsb.ca

Voting Council Members:
Alex Randall
Deb Gomes-Schultz
Erik Van der Torre (Budget Committee)
Fran Morrison (Team SANDbox)
Josie Hughes
Karen Skelly (Teacher Rep)
Katie Breen (Yard Committee)
Matthew Brown (Kinder Rep) 
Norah Lynn Paddock (Budget Committee & Primary Rep)
Patrick Hunter
Petra Heitkamp (Budget Committee)

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